Dexion Office  have introduced a new product in mobile and static shelving systems. The Freetrack 2 Compactus shelving system from Dexion Office is better in design, capacity, strength, performance, value and safety.

Dexion Office Freetrack 2 Compactus is a lightweight Compactus shelving system and suitable for any storage and filing application. The lighter weight of the system reduces the chance of operator strain and loads imposed on the floor. In addition to being lightweight, the Freetrack 2 Compactus shelving system is also built strongly. Users can move block-loads up to 1000kg effortlessly with this Compactus shelving system.

The following products are offered as part of a complete Compactus systems range:

  • Mekdrive 2 - a mechanically driven system that is effortless to operate
  • Side2Side 2 - assembled in rows to provide rapid access to stored items

The new Freetrack 2 Compactus shelving system design features attractive anodise aluminium tracking and robust universal runners that provide structure integrity with support from new cross ties and corner brackets. The new universal runner design means the same runner is used for both Freetrack 2 Compactus and Mekdrive 2 systems. This allows simple conversion of a Freetrack 2 system to a Mekdrive 2 mechanical drive system.

Stylish, new pivoting ramps provide neat, adjustable and a clean finish to uneven floors and also provide wheelchair and trolley access with a point load of 100kg.