Leading carpets and sport pitches company Desso has been shortlisted for the prestigious BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2015 for the second year in a row. A Tarkett company, Desso has been shortlisted in the Waste and Recycling category.

The BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2015 is organised by BusinessGreen.com, the leading UK information source for the green economy. In its fifth year, the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards celebrates leading businesses, executives, entrepreneurs, investors and campaigners from across the green economy, as they drive innovative and sustainable business models and technologies.

Desso has showcased its innovative development of a new Cradle to Cradle material stream to support its ongoing commitment to the circular economy.

Desso collaborated with local water companies to find a more sustainable alternative to purchasing calcium carbonate, a material used as a stabiliser in its carpet tiles. Calcium carbonate is produced as a residue during water softening processes; the challenge was to develop a way to prepare this material in the right form for Desso’s processes.

Desso partnered with Restoffenunie, a collective shared service centre of the Dutch Water Supply Companies to find an innovative way to upcycle reengineered calcium carbonate into Desso’s carpet tiles. By using the residual stream of calcium carbonate from local water producers, Desso no longer needed to source the material from mining companies in France.

Desso Managing Director Roland Jonkhoff commented that their commitment to developing healthy Cradle to Cradle material streams demonstrates the power of cross-industry collaboration and innovation in paving the way for better and more sustainable supply chains and products.

Desso is the first carpet company in the world to use upcycled calcium carbonate and expects to eventually draw as much as 20,000 tonnes of chalk from this source per year.

Finalists for the BusinessGreen Leaders awards will be announced on 1st July in London.