Designer Plants offers a few useful tips on buying artificial hedges for any environment. Given the huge range of choices available in the marketplace for artificial plants and hedges, customers are often confused about selecting the right hedge for their application.

These five tips from Designer Plants will help buyers make the right decision when purchasing artificial hedges.

1. Measure your space

When purchasing hedges, ensure you have enough artificial plants to fill the space in your garden. Use this unique hedge calculator from Designer Plants to work out how many hedges you will need.

2. Count the number of leaf layers

A hedge is expected to provide privacy to the home. This can be ensured by having a hedge with several layers to fill the gaps or wall.

3. Enquire about hedge quality

Check with the supplier about the quality of the hedges, especially the materials used to make them. For instance, hedges made with recyclable materials will fade away and start cracking sooner than more durable plastic. Designer Plants makes their hedges using virgin plastic as it is stronger than fully recyclable plastic, can withstand weather such as hard rain, hail or storms, and is still recyclable.

4. Check for chemicals or substances like lead and mercury

Your hedges may be artificial but there is no reason why they shouldn’t be earth-friendly. To avoid buying plants made using lead, mercury or other harmful substances during production, check with the supplier. Designer Plants is an ROHS compliant manufacturer, which means there is ‘restriction of hazardous substances’. These hedges do not contain unsafe chemicals or toxic materials, giving you the confidence of having earth-friendly hedges.

5. Product warranty or guarantee

Ensure you buy from reputable providers you can trust. Cheaper hedges claiming quality will not always be better. When purchasing artificial hedges, always look out for a product warranty or guarantee. Be aware of any hidden clauses by reading the provider’s guarantee terms in full. All boxwood hedges, artificial green screens, hedges and faux plants from Designer Plants are covered by a 5-year product guarantee from fading and cracking.