The professional team at DecoWorks Pty Ltd has been applying since 2008 their skills and experience in props and scenery making in theatre, film and exhibition displays to make decoration for the domestic market.

As well as prop making, DecoWorks also makes custom security grilles, decorative trimming for decks and pergolas and other decoration for around the home, often inspired by Art Deco style and Chinese tradition.

DecoWorks’ Chinese Lattices are visually appealing from an artistic point of view and are intellectually intriguing from the mathematical. They can be found in many countries in the Far East, e.g. in Korea, Japan or Vietnam although the lattices from China itself are stylistically slightly different to those from Japan or Korea. For centuries the Chinese used paper covered wooden lattice grilles in their windows. The lattice was often painted in black or dark red lacquer and decorated with gilt flowers and ornament. As the paper was translucent it was the shadow of the lattice design that was the window feature instead of actual views of the outside world. The paper was replaced on the Chinese New Year with fresh paper and damaged lattice bars repaired. Plain white paper was used but often that with printed decoration or calligraphy was also used.

Many designs contain arcane symbolism whose meaning has been lost over time however their innate beauty still hints at their deeper meaning.