Pebble-Mix as a floor covering is not only a functional floor. Pebble-Mix reveals the possibility of using the floor as a central component of the complete colour and design process of any exterior and interior. The current colour selection and the possibility of colour customisation for larger projects, presents limitless possibilities to create the effect and floor covering you desire.

Pebble-Mix, available from Decor Pebble , is a floor covering and is a blend of pebbles pre-mixed with an acrylic resin. This floor surface offers a compact, easy to clean, long lasting floor covering that enhances the look of dull concrete.

Pebble-Mix has been around for 30 years and has been specified by architects such as Nation Fender Katsalidis, John Wardle Architects, Studio 35 Architecture and many more.

Available in seven different colours, from the subtlety of Sandstone to the vigour of Autumn, Pebble-Mix is taking contemporary designers and architects into the future.

The Pebble-Mix product is suitable for commercial, residential, interior and exterior applications, and can be laid vertically or horizontally. It can be applied in areas such as porches, patios, swimming pool surrounds, driveways, walk paths, and even walls. If you seek safety, quality, reputation and a modern look Pebble-Mix is the right floor covering for you.