One of the oldest methods for constructing walls, fences, and loadbearing facades, dry stone walls have been used in Australia for as long as 6000 years. Across the country, the method has become embedded in our national construction culture as a result of its strength, durability, and distinctive aesthetic. However, traditional dry stone construction is not without its limitations.

In their new whitepaper, A Fresh Look at Dry Stone Walling: The Emergence of Modular Construction, decorative stone wall experts DécoR Stone explore how modular construction has made traditional dry stone walling a perfect fit for contemporary projects.

To begin, the whitepaper explains the basics of traditional loose stone dry stone wall construction, comparing this with the characteristics of contemporary modular construction. The whitepaper then highlights the major benefits of modular construction, namely its cost efficiency, fast and efficient construction, and market potential. To conclude, the discussion proceeds to the key considerations that must be taken into account when specifying modular stone wall systems.

Since 1975, DécoR Stone has led the Australian decorative stone wall cladding and flooring sector. The leading local distributor of high quality, innovative products, DécoR Stone is reinventing traditional construction for the modern age, and provides an expansive range of modular stone wall solutions that offer unrivalled ease of installation and design flexibility.

To learn more about modular stone wall construction and how it can enhance your next commercial or residential project, download A Fresh Look at Dry Stone Walling: The Emergence of Modular Construction.