Simply put, xeriscaping refers to landscaping with minimised water use. In an attempt to minimise water usage, Victorian-based Vermont resident Geoff has transformed his tennis court into a xeriscape landscape that conserves water and helps guard the fragile environment. He did so using landscaping supplies from DecoR Stone.

In Australia the xeriscape landscaping concept is fairly new, so not surprisingly, Geoff’s tennis court transformation is one of a kind. This xeriscape landscape that was once a tennis court is a dry creek river bed and is based on the principles of this fairly new landscaping phenomenon.

The principles of xeriscape landscaping include soil amendment, efficient irrigation, appropriate plant and zone selection, mulch, alternative turf, and maintenance. In conjunction with his landscape designer, Geoff has been able to design a xeriscape landscape that is easy to maintain, minimises the occurrence of weed, and uses less water and fertilisers.

"In a sense this landscape is hereditary- it is a truly Australian bush landscape that attracts fauna and represents the Australian natural beauty. More people need to look beyond the traditional exotic gardens and they too will be inspired by landscapes that are more suited to our circumstances and current lifestyles," says Geoff.

Geoff’s overall tennis court xeriscape landscape transformation features a large range of Australian native plants such as Silver Banksia (Banksia marginate) and Silky Purple-flag (Patersonia sercea), as well as a select few non-native plants that require less maintenance, water, and fertilisers than many of the known exotic species.