DécoR Stone is an Australian provider of decorative stone products with 350 retailers throughout Australia stocking their innovative products.

Global warming is increasingly becoming a daily certainty and concerned architects and designers are developing designs that are not merely aesthetically appealing, but contribute to the preservation of the fragile ecology.

All of DécoR Stone’s products are made of natural stone and have been used by clients to create green roofs.

Properly designed green roofs generate balanced, living ecosystems and their protective and sustainable attributes preserve energy and moderate sound reflection and transmission.  

Green roofs have the ability to lessen the warming effect of urban heat islands and control storm water overspill, which is an increasingly important ecological aspiration of sustainable landscape design. Therefore, green roofing not only makes the cityscape a striking structure, it also has environmental benefits.  

Application of decorative natural stone is not complicated, and DécoR Stone has a selection of ‘how to’ videos on YouTube.  

There is a video showing the ease of application of the new Pietra Range, Stacked Stone, Ledge Stone, Crazy Paving and Tetris Paving.  

More information on decorative stone applications and the ‘how to’ videos is available from DécoR Stone.