DecoR Stone  are set to launch a new range of natural stone cladding. The new collection of natural stone veneer is to be launched in April 2009 and will be available in six exclusive colours offering designers, builders and architects an extensive palette to work with.

The DécoR Ledge Stone is manufactured using natural stone material such as slate, schist, quartz and granite. Small sections of natural stone are glued together on a cementitious backing to form the unique and textured look of the veneer panels. This collection does not come in individual pieces requiring a complex and time-consuming installation, it comes in standardised panels that interlock.

Architects and specifiers are seeking an ancient look of stone cladding but at the same time want that product to be compatible with the existing design trends. From commercial to residential projects, this collection of natural stone is set to offer a creative edge for designers and architects. Whether the design goal is to create a minimalist, modern, traditional, comfortable living space or Australiana setting, the DécoR Ledge Stone range will help designers to achieve their aspired visual.

To celebrate the launch of the new natural stone Ledge Stone, DécoR Stone are currently offering a special offer on this range.