Practical landscape designers and architects are using DecoR Stone’s range of Australian Natural Stones to create designs that mirror and manifest the Australian landscape. In response to this trend, DécoR Stone has added new colours and sizes to their collection of local Australian pebbles.  

Using decorative pebbles and stones enhances garden designs and brings forth the garden’s natural beauty. Integrating Australian pebbles and stone into garden designs offers designers and architects a phenomenal collection of textures, colours, sizes and shapes. For an Australiana design, DécoR Stone range of Australian Natural Stone has a large collection of Australian decorative pebbles and stones. Australian Nature’s Stone is available in different sizes, ranging from 7mm river pebbles to larger landscaping rocks, which are sourced from different parts of Australia.  

One preferred stone from this range, called Delatite, conveys a strong awareness and feeling of the Australian outback to a garden. Delatite was used profusely in various sizes for the award-winning Xeriscaped Landscape, in which an old unused tennis court was transformed into an award-winning Australian xeriscaped landscape.  

Using DécoR Stone’s natural Australian stones and pebbles in a garden design is a great way to add aesthetic detail and reflect the beauty of the Australian landscape. Aiming to minimise the footprint that our way of life has left upon Australian soil, it is important to choose products that are ecologically safe. DécoR Stone’s Australian Nature’s Stones are natural pebbles that are obtained under license from mining by-products and old non-viable river and creek beds. They are only sourced from places where their mining does not cause harm to the ecosystem.