DECO announces a new range of architectural batten systems featuring a new and improved ‘Click & Snap’ function for flexible and easy installation.

DecoBatten’s architectural two-piece batten system has been enhanced to offer two new creative batten profiles as well as a concealed base for a clean and seamless appearance.

The new ‘Click & Snap’ system allows for the concealed batten base to be fixed directly to any solid surface, wall or ceiling, eliminating the need for unsightly supporting frames or mounts as well as saving time and money during installation. The batten cover clicks into place simply and easily over the batten base that has been fixed to the surface.

A new ‘Secure Screw’ feature has also been developed for high stress situations, allowing the batten to be mechanically fixed using the reinforced screw bearing surface, which ensures the batten doesn’t bend when drilling or screwing additional fixings for enhanced security.

Key features of DecoBatten’s safe and non-combustible aluminium battens include long 6.5-metre lengths, with a standard 50mm base; choice of five different aluminium batten covers, including two new profile designs – Angle and Radius; batten covers in a choice of DecoWood premium timber-look aluminium finishes; DecoWood natural ‘textured’ finish for external applications or DecoWood smooth ‘gloss’ finish for a polished timber appearance for internal designs; DECO’s range of plain colour super durable powder coating available; 100% aluminium construction; and compliance with Australian Standards AS1530.1 and AS1530.3.

The 50 x 80 mm ‘Angle’ batten cover’s sharp 60-degree angled edge creates a jagged zig-zag appearance when multiple battens are installed; alternatively, two battens can be installed back-to-back for a unique triangular pattern.

The 50 x 80 mm ‘Radius’ batten cover offers a rounded dome design for soft, contemporary curved lines.

The DecoBatten range also includes a traditional 50 x 50 mm ‘Square’ batten cover and two larger ‘Rectangular’ batten covers measuring 50 x 150 mm and 50 x 100 mm.

All DecoBatten products offer a safe and non-combustible option for your internal and external cladding, façades, feature walls, screens or ceilings.