At The Plateau Project, the goal was clear: to infuse the existing building with texture while maintaining a subtle facade that resonated with the surrounding landscape.

Thomas Martin, director of RAMA, shares insights into the design process and the seamless integration of DecoBatten into the project.

"Bringing a textural facelift to the existing building was paramount for us. We wanted the facade to draw upon elements of the natural surroundings, creating a harmonious blend between architecture and nature. Our choice of darker timber-look cladding and neutral external tones allowed the home to somewhat recede in the natural landscape," explains Martin.

To ensure a contemporary design that flowed with the natural surrounds, the team carefully considered colour palettes and materials. Martin notes, "Contrary to common belief, lighter colours can detract from greenery. Darker colours allow the natural landscaping to stand out. Our decision to use dark cladding allowed the planting and plant cover to be the focus, while the timber-like battens referenced the adjacent reserve filled with angophora trees."


Integrating the garage into the design proved to be a challenge due to its standalone structure at the front of the site. Martin elaborates, "We aimed to make the garage less pronounced by cladding it with battens that give the illusion of natural timber. This created a seamless connection between the dark top of the home and the lighter bottom half, ensuring visual continuity throughout."

From an architectural perspective, the choice of DecoBatten brought numerous benefits to the project, especially in a highly rated bushfire zone. Martin emphasises, "The non-combustibility of the battens was crucial for safety. Additionally, their lightweight nature allowed us to span long distances on facade systems with ease. The vast choice of finishes provided by DecoBatten gave us plenty of options to choose from, and the quality finish truly emulated solid timber, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the project."

The Plateau Project stands as a testament to the successful fusion of architecture and nature, where thoughtful design choices and innovative materials such as DecoBatten create a harmonious environment that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings.