Day Bukh Architects  design and create buildings which are suitable for urban, public as well as residential sectors. The buildings designed by Day Bukh Architects are both sustainable and ecological. These buildings have been manufactured using various eco friendly materials, which are capable of tolerating the diverse climatic conditions prevailing in Australia. These buildings are also known to provide good durability.

The diverse range of buildings created by Day Bukh Architects tends to compliment the natural environment. These buildings are designed by professional consultants from Day Bukh Architects, who cater to the individual needs of clients. Day Bukh Architects is headed by Matt Day, who has an experience of about 10 years in architecture and construction industry.

Day Bukh Architects has won several awards which include Shearer’s Hall of fame, Lyric theatre Copenhagen, European 7 Housing, Concert Hall and Theatre, Culture centre and urban plan and renewal awards.

Day Bukh Architects has accomplished many projects for cultural buildings, housing and urban design. Cultural buildings projects did by Day Bukh Architects include New Library, Toronto baths, Royal Academy of Fine Art Sculpture and interior restoration of Royal Fine Arts library. Housing projects include Beach House, Terrace House, apartments at Christianshavn and apartments at Alandsgade. Urban design project accomplished by Day Bukh Architects includes the Hillerod Foreshore project.