A comprehensive guide to waterproofing has been released by Davco Construction Materials details, in an easy to follow format, the correct steps to waterproofing various installations.

Areas covered include wet areas in residential buildings, roofs, decks and balconies, planter boxes and water tanks/ponds. The Guide also details the correct treatment of expansion joints and cracks.

John Moses, Davco’s national marketing manager, says the Waterproofing Guide is a valuable tool for the selection and installation of waterproofing membranes for various applications in accordance with Australian Standards. In addition to the waterproofing steps, Davco product information has been included to help in the selection of the most suitable product for a particular project.

“The Guide covers such applications as shower recess detailing, shower over bath enclosures and other residential wet areas,” says Moses. “There is also a section on waterproofing roofs, decks and balconies with details on the waterproofing of metal roofs as well as rail/pipe penetrations.

“The waterproofing of tanks and ponds covers both potable concrete tanks and metal tanks, as well as planter boxes. This will be a popular section given the trend towards landscaping of commercial buildings where effective waterproofing is essential.”

Source: Building Products News.