Davco Construction Materials  provides various ceramic tile fixing options. Two part adhesives supplied by Davco Construction Materials include Davcoflex, Tradeflex and Hornex. Davcoflex is tolerant of vibration in the substrate and a two part flexible adhesive which can be either used on fibre cement or timber. This is ideal for fixing tiles on marine grade ply, concrete, cement or fibre cement sheeting. These adhesives adhere easily to waterproofing membranes as well as onto resilient surfaces. Hornex can be used as an adhesive on pool copings while Tradeflex can be used for tiling onto either timber or fibre cement surface.

Davco Construction Materials also supplies diverse range of grouts including Epoxy grout, Sanitised Porcelian grout, Slate and Quarry grout. Epoxy grout provided by Davco Construction Materials can be used for three purposes including general purpose, tile grouting purpose as well as for water clean up purpose. This grout comprises of epoxy resin, epoxy hardener and selected coloured grout. Epoxy grout can be ideally used in commercial areas such as hospitals, food processing plants, commercial laundries and public toilets. Unique features of this grout include high strength and resistance to chemicals. Sanitised Colourgrout is a coloured grout that can be used either for indoor or outdoor applications, while Sanitised Superfine white grout is a bright white coloured grout ideally suited only for internal applications.