The rising gas prices are increasing the running cost of gas heating appliances across Australia. According to Sustainability Victoria’s ‘Victorian Households Energy Report’, gas heating can amount to up to 69% of your gas bill.

However, households can achieve considerable savings of up to 27% on the running costs of their heating appliances by switching to a Daikin split system. Daikin split air conditioners are versatile in design, with the same unit providing both hot and cold air conditioning comfort throughout the year.

A Daikin split system delivers several performance benefits over gas heating systems. Designed for energy efficiency, the air conditioners feature the ‘intelligent eye’, described as a human presence sensor that allows for the airflow to be directed towards the person in the room or away for draft-free comfort. Additionally, it can sense if the room is unoccupied for 20 minutes, following which it automatically goes into energy saving mode.

Key features also include Comfort mode that guarantees draft-free operation by positioning the louvre downwards to drive warm air towards the floor; Powerful mode for quick heating of the room by maximising power for 20 minutes, before automatically returning the unit to the original setting; and optional smart phone control allowing the user to monitor and control the system from virtually anywhere.

A study carried out by Daikin’s Research and Development team compared the average running costs of a Daikin split system with a flued gas heating system. This comparison was based on delivering identical heating running times from both options and then calculating the running costs.

The study found that Daikin split systems were up to 27% cheaper to run than flued gas heating systems.

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