Cummins Power Generation  introduced a new level of generator set technology to Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company, to ensure reliable power supply to critical services.  

Silcar, which provides asset management, operation and maintenance for Telstra’s telepower network, chose Cummins Power Generation to supply 2250 kVa backup generator sets to a strategic Telstra facility in Melbourne.  

The two generator sets are part of complex system of diesel generator and UPS power backup at the facility where one of Telstra’s highly advanced internet data centres (IDCs) is located.  

With the IDCs providing high-speed connection to Telstra’s internet infrastructure which is accessed by millions of users worldwide, the requirement for greater backup power system capacity and reliability becomes obvious.  

Cummins Power Generation proposed a fully integrated, pre-tested genset package, its PowerCommand control system featuring digital voltage regulation, digital governing and generator set protective functions.  

This fully integrated genset package and control system offers greater reliability and better interfacing capability.    

“Another breakthrough for Telstra is that the Cummins gensets have a range of protection functions. Predicting failure is better than watching failure,” Silcar points out.  

Among the protection measures is AmpSentry which guards the electrical integrity of the alternator and power system from adverse conditions – overload, overcurrent, and over/under voltage.