The STAKKAbox access pit solution from Cubis Systems was selected for a residential development site in Melbourne to meet the requirement for a Class B communications pulling pit with on-site flexibility during installation.

The Melbourne residential development planned for 10 new houses and 63 apartments, required an access pit system that could cater for tough bedrock, unknown burial depths and multiple pre-existing conduits running across the site.

Cubis Systems came highly recommended to the contractor due to the nature of the works and the innovative range of products on offer, in particular, the application possibilities of the STAKKAbox access pit range.

After careful analysis of the project’s needs, it was determined that a traditional concrete in situ pit could not fulfil all the site requirements or provide corresponding benefits. Cubis Systems’ ULTIMA Connect access pit system was specified for the building of the pits measuring 1900mm L x 1200mm W x 1050mm D, along with a Cubis AX-S 200mm thick cover slab using 900mm x 900mm access covers.

This innovative modular pit allowed easy duct entry modification in situ to accommodate the multiple conduits entering from both the north and existing south walls to service an aboveground kiosk cabinet. The pit accommodated a total of 28 x 63 communication conduits on both the north and south walls of the pits. 

With the burial depth unknown and issues surrounding a large layer of bedrock, the STAKKAbox access pit range provided incomparable benefits where cold excavation could progress to a point, with a simple backfill accommodating the ULTIMA Connect pit and cover.

Along with the fast assembly around pre-existing structures and uneven surfaces, ULTIMA Connect was chosen over a traditional concrete pit for its capability to handle conduit entry changes and installation in situ onsite. The lightweight modular structure of ULTIMA Connect eliminated the need for heavy lifting machinery and allowed rapid installation with minimal labour requirements while working with site constraints including resource and weather impacts.

ULTIMA Connect was the perfect fit for the project with the simplicity of installation and dependability to get the job done resulting in excellent outcomes for the contractor and asset owner.