CSR Himmel Interior Systems brings together CSR Ceilector Ceiling Solutions and Alsupply Aluminium to deliver a market-leading interior solutions package comprising of ceilings, walls, and aluminium and architectural hardware.

CSR Himmel Interior Systems assists specifiers and design professionals in the creation of intelligent and productive spaces with the portfolio consisting of ceiling systems, decorative and acoustic wall panels, aluminium partitions and architectural hardware.

Himmel stands for Sky or Heaven in German, Danish and Swedish. The three key suppliers, OWA, Ecophon and Troldtekt that make up the majority of the CSR Himmel brand portfolio, are based in the countries represented by these languages.

The sky is an important symbol that relates to the product portfolio. Being ever-changing and ever-present, the sky has the ability to influence our mood and the way we feel. Similarly, the CSR Himmel product portfolio consists of products that are always evolving and have the ability to change the mood of people in spaces where they work and live.

The H logo represents the main focus areas of CSR Himmel with the top part of the H representing the ceiling, and the second half representing the walls and partitions.

CSR Himmel Interior Systems has representation Australia-wide. For more information on their products and services, please visit www.himmel.com.au or call 1300 374 253.