Creative Drain Solutions stock a range of beautifully designed and engineered drainage solutions that are sure to enhance any indoor or outdoor decor. This range of drainage solutions includes:

Waterproofing flanges
This product comes as standard with all models of Advantage and Ultimate bathroom drains. These built-in waterproofing flanges enable tradesmen to waterproof linear drains with confidence and ease.

Built-in fall
Creative Drain Solutions' bathroom and outdoor drains also come complete with built-in fall. This drainage solution means that drains only take up the depth of the flooring and the tile underlay, eliminating the need to cut joists.

All drains supplied by Creative Drain Solutions are fitted with a plug and washer waste with a 50 mm thread. This will fit easily straight onto a 50 mm trap or it can be adapted to fit a puddle flange.

Stainless steel
The channel, grate and waterproofing flanges used by Creative Drain Solutions are all manufactured from high grade 316 stainless steel. Their bathroom drains are available in three finishes - brushed, matt and polished.