Construction Specialties - CS worked closely with the Lipman team to deliver a much-needed cancer treatment facility to the residents of Dubbo and its surrounding communities.

The Western Cancer Centre in Dubbo is a classic example of considerate government funding to provide a state-of-the-art facility designed to offer individual treatment care programs and support to those in need.

The $35-million facility contains a PET/CT diagnostic scanner onsite, dedicated radiation and chemo treatment bays, clinical care rooms and a wellness area. The cancer centre offers the necessary care to local residents, reducing the need to travel away from home to seek medical attention.

David Hurst, the site manager from the Lipman team is extremely proud to deliver on the building program.

“It’s been really rewarding to be part of such a great initiative. We trust this facility will provide the best possible care and healing for the local residents.”

In addition, to aid recovery and promote wellbeing, Health Infrastructure has gone above and beyond by commissioning artworks in consultation with the local Wiradjuri Elders. External murals have been painted by Fintan to provide images of healing, the importance of family, and local bush food.

The Lipman team has generously provided materials and access equipment in order to get these murals completed. The level of teamwork, dedication, and generosity to deliver this project has been extremely rewarding for all involved.