Construction Specialties - C/S offers guidance to managements of schools, colleges and universities on keeping their maintenance spends low while ensuring a smart appearance for their facilities.

Educational facilities can be tough environments to maintain, with the busy student areas often subjected to extensive wear and tear, resulting in scruffy interiors and high maintenance costs.

However, by focussing on four main elements and keeping them protected, administrators can make a real difference to their maintenance budgets. 


School doors are natural bottlenecks and in constant use every day, exposing them to a lot of knocks.

C/S Acrovyn doors from Construction Specialties combine an aesthetic appearance with high impact resistance, enabling them to withstand the constant abuse in busy corridors and classrooms. Easy to clean and long lasting, Acrovyn doors offer real value for money over the full lifecycle of the product. A broad choice of colours and realistic woodgrain finishes help achieve the desired design outcomes too.

Existing doors can also be protected by fixing the Acrovyn sheet on the door in the form of kick plates and push plates. 


Among the most vulnerable areas in any building, especially schools with hundreds of students moving between classrooms, corners can be protected against impact damage and general wear and tear using Acrovyn corner guards.


Flat painted surfaces quickly become marked and scratched when in daily contact with hundreds of students. Fitting C/S Acrovyn impact protection sheeting, rub rails and corner guards is a simple and cost-effective solution to these problems. 


A heavily trafficked floor not only loses its visual appeal very soon but also increases the potential of slip and trip accidents caused by shoe-borne dirt, grit and moisture, which can also cause permanent damage to its surface.

Construction Specialties recommends C/S Pedisystems entrance mats designed to trap moisture and dirt at the door, helping make a significant difference across the school interior. 

Image: SMWS-20 square nose wood/stainless corner guard