Protect your interior walls against wear and tear without skimping on style. With Acrovyn by Design from Construction Specialties, you can create a look that’s high impact yet low maintenance.

Acrovyn by Design allows you to create a compelling visual experience for any visitor walking through your doors. Use your own photos, graphics, artwork or branding to create a unique look that offers a high performance alternative to traditional digital wall coverings.

Whether you’re designing for a busy retail store, hospital, college, office, airport or a range of other facilities, you’ll find Acrovyn by Design as striking as it is durable. With Acrovyn by Design, you can:

  • Customise your walls to magnify your message, create visual impact or increase brand awareness
  • Refresh existing spaces with an entirely new look
  • Protect interior walls while reducing maintenance costs and repairs
  • Support sustainability thanks to Acrovyn’s 100 per cent recyclability and freedom from PVC and PBTs.

Discover more about Acrovyn by Design, including technical information and sample solutions. Or, order a sample to see for yourself.

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