The Pullman Hotel in Sydney chose Acrovyn door protection for over 200 guest room doors as part of an upgrade to retain their stylish image.

Doors and door frames are vulnerable to damage over time through constant use, and require periodic maintenance or replacement. Hotel room doors contribute to the overall impression of the establishment and will influence a guest’s decision to return for another stay or recommend the hotel to friends. Door protection matters because keeping doors in good shape will not only impact visitors’ perceptions of a building, it can also reduce maintenance costs.

Located in Homebush, near Sydney’s Olympic Park, the Pullman Hotel faced a problem with their guest room doors, which were no longer living up to the rest of the hotel’s stylish image. Many of the laminate timber doors showed damage and needed to be replaced.

Turning to the Acrovyn door protection range, the Pullman Hotel had more than 200 doors covered in an Acrovyn Faux wood finish. These sheets lined the doors, providing impact protection and stopping any further damage from future use by hotel guests. With Acrovyn’s range of solid colours and patterns, the Pullman was able to choose a look that integrated seamlessly with the hotel’s design.

Hotels are just one example of how the Acrovyn Door Protection range has been applied to keep doors looking and functioning like new.

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