Shower systems in healthcare environments are typically designed for users who are able-bodied as well as those who need assistance. Height adjustable handheld showers that cater to both user segments need to be lightweight, hardwearing and easily held in soapy hands, along with a soft spray pattern that will not irritate sensitive skin. Hoses should also feature a smooth, non-abrasive surface to allow thorough cleaning.

Con-Serv’s handheld showers and hoses meet these requirements.

Con-Serv’s Premium Healthcare shower range combines their Hygienic Seal grab rail and Friction Slide Cradle technology to provide users with both support and functionality. All handheld showers include a licensed dual check/non-return valve and can be ‘mixed-and-matched’ with any Con-Serv handpiece for a custom shower that meets any individual’s needs.

Available as Straight, Inverted T or Corner Hygienic Seal grab rails, Con-Serv’s Premium Healthcare shower range is ideal for both domestic and commercial applications.

Handheld shower system

Hygienic Seal Grab Rails

When health and hygiene matter, Hygienic Seal grab rails lead the healthcare industry with Con-Serv’s own Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) fitted flange seal that fits firmly to the rail wall. This provides superior protection against grime and other harmful build-up that could otherwise occur behind the flange covers and create possible health issues.

Friction Slide Cradle

The Con-Serv brass Friction Slide Cradle is specifically designed for people with weakened or arthritic grip. While generic handset cradles use a pushbutton design, there is nothing to press, undo or tighten to move this slider up or down the grab rail – the user simply moves it into position. Those with a weakened or arthritic grip can easily shift the position using the side of their hand.

The cradle pivoting C hook allows for easy positioning of the showerhead and can be adjusted to meet the user’s needs.

The innovative design is extremely reliable and allows easy movement of the handset cradle up and down the grab rail. The Friction Slide Cradle is factory-fitted and pre-tensioned, and arrives complete with a Con-Serv Premium Healthcare shower. 

Glide slide