Recent design trends reflect an increasing preference for monochrome finishes in interiors, especially in bathrooms. Matte Black bathroom fixtures look stunning and are a great choice for creating contrasts in colour palettes.

One primary concern, however, is how to keep them clean. Con-Serv Corporation Australia has created a simple list of dos and don’ts that will help you not only keep your Matte Black bathroom fittings clean but also maintain the beautiful matte finish for the life of the product.

The Dos

1. Basic cleaning is as simple as applying warm, soapy water or a pH balanced soap-based cleanser with a soft, damp and clean microfibre cloth. Microfibre cloth is low cost, readily available and machine washable, and won’t scratch your Matte Black surfaces.

2. Always wipe your fixtures down after each use to prevent mineral build-up and water spotting, which can mar the appearance over time.

3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions before starting any cleaning regime.

The Don’ts

The surface of Matte Black showers or grab rails is typically a little rough – this rough surface refracts and reflects light to give a matte appearance. However, this also means the surface needs to be cared for properly to prevent damage.

Remember these important don’ts when cleaning your Matte Black fixtures.

1. Avoid abrasive cleaners, ammoniated products, rubbing alcohol, detergents, astringents, bleach-based cleaners, aggressive chemicals, abrasive cleaning pads, or harsh polishes. If you are not sure about the ingredients in your cleaner or can’t identify the chemicals used in the formulation, don’t use it.

2. Don’t allow soap scum or toothpaste to build up on the product. If not cleaned frequently, these deposits will gradually wear away the surface coating and diminish the durable finish.

Be careful during installation and after

Often, Matte Black fixtures can get damaged during installation. Ensure special care is taken when handling and installing these bathroom fixtures during the building/renovation stage. Inspect your products before you have them installed, and keep them protected until your renovation is finished.