Con-Serv Corporation Australia offers a constantly evolving range of solutions for the healthcare industry to support a better quality of life.

Designed to meet the requirements of AS-1428.1-2009 Design and Construction for healthcare applications, Con-Serv’s Anti-Ligature range for bathrooms delivers functional and stylish designs that ensure a safe and secure solution for both health workers and patients.

Anti-Ligature solutions

Bathrooms designed for patients with mental health problems need fittings and fixtures that eliminate any possibility for them to inflict self-harm. Standard bathroom fittings such as showerheads and handrails can be used to attach sheets or cords to create a ligature point. When building or renovating a bathroom for this healthcare segment, anti-ligature products are installed to help reduce risk.

Con-Serv's Anti-Ligature range

Con-Serv has developed their Anti-Ligature range by adopting both fixed and load release manufacturing practices. In ‘Fixed Anti-Ligature’ designs, the product is fixed in place and is free from ligature points. In ‘Load Release Anti-Ligature’, the product will release from its fittings without getting damaged when excess weight is applied. These manufacturing practices allow Con-Serv to maintain high quality without impacting functionality or design.

Anti-Ligature Grab Rails

Con-Serv’s fixed Anti-Ligature grab rails incorporate a 2.5mm grade 304 stainless steel plate centred 55mm from the back of the rail to the wall and continuously welded from flange to flange, enabling secure access and grip. The grab rails are fixed in place securely using tamperproof POST TORX screws with security hex sockets.

Anti-Ligature Shower Elbow and Slider Kits

The load release Anti-Ligature shower elbow and slider kits for rails in rail showers are designed to release when a force of 10kg or more is applied. The Anti-Ligature shower elbow is suitable with full seam welded grab rails of varying lengths for a height-adjustable shower that meets an individual’s needs.

Anti-Ligature Cobra Showerheads

Recommended for detention centres and high-risk institutions, Con-Serv’s Cobra showerheads offer an anti-ligature showering option that is also protected against vandalism and tampering. This heavy-duty fixed showerhead designed with a 17° angle is free from ligature points and attached with grub screws for a safe and tamper-proof installation.