Composite Global Solutions provide Onduline a product applied in the building industry for roofing and cladding. Onduline is manufactured from organic fibres and saturated with bitumen in a state of intense pressure and heat.

Onduline is economical, flexible and easy to install. Even in the most extreme conditions Onduline provides a high degree of thermal insulation. Onduline was originally created in Europe over 45 years ago and it is used in agricultural, domestic and light industrial areas. It requires no maintenance, it has sound absorbance values, it is rustproof, frost proof, impact resistant, rot and fungi resistant, poses no health risk and it resists most of the chemicals.

Onduline supplied by Composite Global Solutions can be installed in industrial, domestic, agricultural, prefabricated buildings and wall cladding designs and unconventional roofing. Onduline is available in different shades and accessories are also available in Onduline colours.

Florex pipe cradles from Composite Global Solutions are used for solving all problems connected with low temperature pipes while providing effective insulation. Florex pipe cradles provide strong support with flexibility. It has low thermal conductivity, effective moisture absorption resistance and bonding with any insulation material.

Florex pipe cradles supplied by Composite Global Solutions enable greater resistance to compression and they are also easy to install.