Florex pipe cradles from Composite Global Solutions address all of the problems associated with supporting low temperature pipe work whilst providing effective insulation.

Florex pipe cradles are ideal for cryogenic, ammonia or freon and chilled water lines. Florex pipe cradles are constructed from cross-linked, chemically bonded, closed cell polyethylene foam. Due to the inherent properties of the polyethylene foam, the pipe cradles out perform timber and polyurethane blocks currently used in industry.

Florex pipe cradles from provide firm support while allowing a functional margin of flexibility. The polyethylene foam has low thermal conductivity and high moisture absorption resistance. This combined with the ability to be effectively bonded with virtually any other insulation material provides the user great flexibility in application.

Florex pipe cradles, with their inherently high density and tensile strength provide greater resistance to compression than other insulating materials – thereby eliminating thermal break-out and condensation.

Florex pipe cradles from Composite Global Solutions are simple and quick to install, thereby reducing labour costs and the need for expenditure on additional materials to insulate metal brackets. Optional ‘U’ Band supports complete the system.

In summary the advantages of Florex pipe cradles over traditional timber and polyurethane blocks are:

  • Provides good Insulation 
  • Moisture resistant
  • Will not split in freezing temperatures
  • Very wide working temperature range
  • Very high compressive strength