The Yardmaster’s Building is a multi-use facility for the various workers and operations associated with the Southern Cross Rail Yard and is highly visible from a number of vantages.

A double skin precast concrete system was used and insulated using the THERMOMASS building insulation system from Composite Global Solutions . The panel system required multiple processes not attempted before and provided enormous value in terms of the buildings aesthetic and thermal performance.

The internal layouts of the Yardmaster’s Building are simple and partitioned, and internally the building is robust and matter of fact without appearing frugal.

The building was carefully cost managed with panel sizes geared towards optimising production and minimising energy.

The highly energy efficient THERMOMASS sandwich wall systems from Composite Global Solutions have non-conductive composite connectors that eliminate thermal transfer between the inside and outside concrete layers.

Walls built with THERMOMASS building insulation system are among the most durable in the construction industry. The building insulation system features two sturdy layers of concrete sandwich and a highly energy-efficient layer of insulation that creates a wall that is incredibly durable and easily maintainable.

THERMOMASS building insulation systems are supplied in a wide variety of finishes ranging from natural concrete to intricate, decorative inlays.

With the Yardmaster’s Building project, a pattern was cast in the outer ‘biscuit face’ and the relief polished. The delicate polished patterning belies a robust and sophisticated facade that drastically minimises energy consumption and takes sustainability seriously.