Como Building Products  has collaborated with Dulux to develop a range of access panels specifically designed for healthcare, dental, laboratory and food preparation facilities.

Como is a leading designer and manufacturer of access panels in Australia.

Como has enhanced its extensive acoustic, airtight and standard access panel range with the Clinikill powder coat to offer additional protection of antimicrobial surface coatings. Clinikill is a technologically advanced antimicrobial powder coat product developed by Dulux to significantly control and reduce the spread of bacteria, yeast and fungi in hygiene-critical environments.

Como Building Products is the exclusive Australian licensed provider of Clinikill.

Dulux employs a unique Kinetic manufacturing technology to ensure that the powder coat’s antimicrobial agent is present on the surface of the access panel to maximise effect on the bacteria, yeast and fungi coming into contact with the surface. The Kinetic manufacturing technology distributes the antimicrobial agent evenly throughout the coating so that its effectiveness will be maintained with normal wear and tear such as light scratches, abrasions and normal cleaning regimes.

Como antimicrobial access panels have been specified in every major hospital development in the past ten years.

Types of Como access panels:

  • Airtight access panels are used in infection control areas and research laboratories where air pressure differentiation is essential for safe control of airborne infectious diseases
  • Acoustic access panels are used where airborne infection control and noise control are essential
  • Standard series access panels are used in general services areas where airborne infection control is essential