Comm - Chem Materials  offers wide array of products including capacitors, electronic ballasts, electronic transformers, emergency lightings, control gears and lamps.

Comm - Chem Materials supplies a wide range of capacitors which are manufactured and designed to meet the performance standards according to certification and international specification. The capacitors distributed by Comm - Chem Materials comply with the restrictions of hazardous substances and are certified by CSQ and BSI.

Comm - Chem Materials is also a representative of BMI USA, who design and produce aluminium electrolytic motor capacitors. Comm - Chem Materials distributes capacitors catering to individual customer requirement.

Comm - Chem Materials is a distributor of hi-tech electronic ballast used for lighting industry. The electronic ballasts are designed and manufactured in compliance with EN standards. The HEP ballasts are advantageous as they have short circuit protection, automatic cut off in case of a missing lamp and open circuit safety.

Comm - Chem Materials offers dimmable electronic ballasts which are safe, efficient and which comply with legal standards. The dimmable electronic ballasts can suit all types of compact fluorescent lamps and can start in every dimming position.