Energy efficiency is one of the most important objectives when planning or designing a new building. When it comes to heating up a space, a homeowner has several options that meet both design and environmental objectives. Electric floor heating is a great way to create an energy efficient winter wonderland in your home.

Suitable for spaces of all sizes, electric floor heating is a simple, effective and energy efficient way to create an environment of ambient heat throughout the home. A very popular heating solution for its ability to provide a gentle, even heat that doesn’t blow around hot air or create hot or cold spots in a room, electric floor heating involves installing heating elements under carpet or floating timber floors as well as under hard floors such as tile, stone and polished concrete, to create a comfortable and healthy heated space.

Though Sydney winters aren’t so harsh, it can still be uncomfortable to step onto cold bathroom tile floors. Electric floor heating is not only simple to install but also easy to operate by programming the integrated digital thermostat with the desired settings. Thanks to the thermostat, the homeowner can simply turn on the heating and not worry about wasting money since the floor heating automatically turns up and down throughout the day to suit the needs of the residents.

Different types of electric heating systems

In-Screed Heating

Very popular and versatile because of its flexibility, the in-screed heating cable can easily curve around stairs and round rooms, and is often built into bathrooms.

Ultra-Thin Mats

Ultra-Thin mats are easy to install, and very popular in bathroom applications. Tiles can be glued directly to the mat, and their response time is fast enough to give you your desired temperature in just an hour.

In-Slab Heating

The in-slab heating cable is good for large areas where the slab will be used for heat storage. It has a slow response time, from 10 to 24 hours.

Under Carpet and Timber

The Therma Mat is an under carpet and under timber heating option that is ideal for large areas and very easy to install close to the floor surface. This also means that it heats up within 15 to 30 minutes.

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