Gas and coal-generated electricity are the leading ways Australians heat their homes, but both produce significant carbon emissions and rising energy prices are putting increased pressure on consumers. Green energy options, such as wind and solar, are showing great potential, but without the appropriate infrastructure, access is limited. When it comes to home heating, designers must balance meeting immediate user needs with providing enough flexibility to adapt to future changes in the energy landscape.

The Future of Home Heating: Choosing the right heating system in the changing energy landscape‚Äč navigates the uncertain future of energy creation in Australia, and how it impacts the choice of home heating system for the typical Australian home. We look at the shift away from fossil fuels such as coal and gas. We then consider the benefits of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, as well as current limitations with access and connectivity. Finally, we compare different home heating solutions, including passive heating, electric heating and gas heating before highlighting the significant advantages of hydronic heating, especially its ability to be powered by a variety of energy sources. 

Comfort Heat Australia is a leading supplier of hydronic and electric underfloor heating systems. Hydronic heating is ideal for large floor areas for both residential and commercial floors. The floor heating is not only energy efficient but also extremely comfortable, running costs are kept down and environmentally-friendly energy sources can be used as alternatives.

Download this whitepaper and learn how hydronic heating systems can access today’s conventional energy sources while providing enough flexibility to utilise energy improvements in the future.


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