There are several products in the market that can take bathroom design to new levels of luxury. Hands-free taps, rainfall showerheads, heated towel racks and heated floors are excellent choices when it comes to designing a bathroom for luxury. Elevate this experience by recommending a heated mirror to your clients.

Electric mirror heaters make a great addition to any home, enhancing bathroom design and lifestyle. Heated mirrors are designed to remove condensation after a hot shower, increasing visibility, comfort, safety and convenience.

Conventional alternatives such as using a fan to remove the steam from the bathroom or wiping down the mirror with a towel to clear the condensation will leave you with a cold room or a streaky mirror. Electric mirror heaters, on the other hand, allow you to step out of the shower and into a warm room without having to wipe down the mirror to see yourself.

Installing an electric mirror heater is not difficult and can be retrofitted to the existing mirror in your bathroom. The mirror heat pads are an ultra-thin heating element designed to be taped to the rear of the mirror before it is mounted to the wall. The heating pads can accommodate mirrors of all sizes and shapes.

The heat pads from Comfort Heat Australia come in two sizes; the pads can be installed side-by-side for larger mirrors.

Installing electric mirror heaters is fairly simple, but it must be done by a licensed electrician according to Australian Standards AS/NZ3000:2000. The heat pads are hardwired directly to a standard on/off switch for easy operation.