The specifier marketing systems from CMS offers various benefits to the manufacturers and specifiers. CMS first researches into the marketplace and develops relationships with professional manufacturers in the middle and upper market segments.

CMS jointly with the manufacturers develop a mutually agreed strategy emphasising on products and company. CMS through their trained staff provide the clients all services according to their requirements.

CMS provides the manufacturers with an informative and comprehensive report. These reports include, current and future projects of the specifier, market industry reports, specific sales opportunities and specifier’ s market research feedback on products presented.

CMS also conducts monthly client network meetings. These client network meetings provide an environment for exchange of industry information and ideas and networking. These specifier marketing systems allow the manufacturers gain product exposure at the specifier level at minimum cost.

Specifiers are provided with time saving solution from CMS. CMS provides up to date product information to the specifiers. CMS product managers educate and up date the specifiers with a range of innovative products from leading suppliers and manufacturers.

Latest brochures, information and samples of the product are also updated in the CMS manuals. These specifier marketing systems do not force the specifiers to buy the product.