Ocean & Skylink Pty Ltd  specialise in providing a range of pump technologies especially water pumps. 

The company’s submersible water pump is ideal for pumping water away from flooded cellars or basements, to recycle the grey water from laundry or bathwater for gardening or to empty domestic irrigation tanks.

Key benefits and features of the submersible water pump include: 

  • motor has a thermal overload protection system 
  • float switch will automatically cut the pump off when the water level has dropped 
  • has a vortex impeller design 
  • rated power is 400W 
  • voltage rating is 220-240V
  • the maximum pressure produced by the unit is 0.8 bar with a delivery height of a maximum of 8 metres
  • can be submerged to maximum depth of 5 metres
  • power cable extends to 10 metres 
  • unit is 21 x 21 x 30 cm large 
  • comes with a 12 month warranty