Has your client asked you to create a children’s play area in their store, club, bank or medical practice? Where do you start?

Unfortunately it is not just a matter of ducking down to the local toy shop for a few play things.

You need to consider the size of the area, which play products are appropriate for the age group of the children likely to visit the premises, what Australian Standards you need to conform with, and of course, any OH&S issues that need to be considered. You also need access to reliable suppliers with commercial quality play equipment.

Child Friendly Solutions, also known as Child Friendly Commercial Play Solutions , provides a one-stop shop for play area design and fitout.

Child Friendly Commercial Play Solutions specialises in creating play areas in small areas such as Westfield parent’s rooms, to larger areas in car dealerships such as Sydney City Toyota.

The team is currently working with Macquarie Bank to create several play areas in the Sydney International Airport terminal, including play panels for toddlers and interactive touch screens for older children.

Child Friendly Commercial Play Solutions will discuss your client’s needs, provide you with a quote and work with you to create a beautiful little play area, large or small.