The Australian love for the great outdoors is often brought into our homes, facilitated in the form of large openings that create a strong relationship between a home’s interiors and its surroundings. Regardless, this inside-outside relationship can be difficult to maintain when accounting for insects, the infamous Australian summer and privacy concerns.

A new whitepaper has recently been released exploring the key considerations that architects and designers must consider when tackling these issues, published by screen and shading experts Centor. Titled The best of both worlds: Bringing the outside in with screens and shades, the whitepaper explores the inherent benefits of a room with a view and Australia’s deep connection with the natural world, before unpacking common problems that many experience when trying to find the balance between unobstructed openings, practicality, privacy and comfort. The fact that screens and shades are often employed as an afterthought, outside of the original design intent, means they can often appear at odds with the surrounding house.

The whitepaper is free to download and goes into further detail regarding the key characteristics that architects and designers should consider when specifying screens and blinds, with the competing priorities of a good view, practicality, functionality, aesthetics and privacy often being a difficult balance to strike.

To find out more about maintaining the inside-outside relationship without sacrificing comfort, click the link below to download The best of both worlds: Bringing the outside in with screens and shades.