Celmec International has installed its Heatray CR53 weatherproof umbrellas in the luxury Joule Hotel, Dallas.

The weatherproof umbrellas were installed on the 10th floor of the hotel, which is home to the pool and bar area, a hot spot for guests.

To ensure the area can be enjoyed during the chillier months, the hotel decided to install the weatherproof umbrellas.

The weatherproof umbrellas now ensure that the trendy rooftop area is water tight, warm and protected from the elements.

The weatherproof umbrellas feature the following weather protection accessories:

  • Roof infills
  • Side covers
  • Linking gutters
  • Perimeter gutters
  • Wind columns
  • Door sections
  • Electric radiant heating panels
The rooftop area now attracts hotel guests throughout the year, and enhances their overall experience.