Patrons at the Meito store in Beirut, Lebanon are protected from harmful UV radiation and rain in the outdoor dining area thanks to Heatray heated shade umbrellas from Celmec International.

Founded in 2009 in Munich, Germany, Meito International has been rapidly expanding across Europe and, more recently, the Middle East. Meito’s newest store in Beirut features a complete weather and heating solution designed by Celmec International for the outdoor dining area.

Three Heatray CS38 shade umbrellas were installed in the first stage to protect patrons from harmful UV radiation and rain. The second stage of the installation will involve the integration of Celmec’s Heatray Electric Radiant Heaters (ERH) with the umbrella structures, coupled with Celights to provide ambient light after sunset.

Celmec will also install weather accessories on the three umbrella structures to form a tighter barrier against adverse weather conditions.

Once the installations are complete, Meito will be able to maximise their seating capacity for diners regardless of the weather conditions.