Celmec International  has an extensive range of outdoor heaters and has focused on engineering quality and energy efficient outdoor heating solutions.

Celmec’s Heatray outdoor heaters don’t just cover one product in a number of models; it also covers a whole range of outdoor heating products and options. The range includes electric heaters, gas heaters, and even heated shade umbrellas.

Each Heatray outdoor heater has been designed for a specific application:

Low ceiling applications:

  • Electric Radiant Heating Panels (ERH) are black, non-glowing electric outdoor heaters that are ideal for wall and ceiling mounting or integration with umbrellas. They feature two-stage heat control, IP65 waterproof rating, and a stylish design.

High ceiling applications: 

  • Infrared Heaters Electric (IRH-E) heaters are for high intensity outdoor heating. They can be wall and ceiling mounted or integrated with umbrellas. They feature IP65 waterproof rating with a glowing element, in a range of kilowatt rated models. 
  • Infrared Gas-Fired Heaters (IRH-G) are high intensity wall mounted or ceiling suspended gas heaters. They are available in a range of sizes and MJ ratings. They feature auto or manual ignition, and LP or natural gas.

Extremely high ceiling applications:

  • Gas-Fired Tube Radiant Heaters (TRH) can be wall mounted or ceiling suspended. The non-glowing black TRH units cover a floor area of 35m2-180m2 depending on the model and can be used for outdoor applications, or indoors where it can be flued if required. Decorative accessories are also available.

Uncovered outdoor spaces:

  • Heated shade umbrellas are capable of incorporating either the ERH or IRH-E outdoor heaters. Using heaters in shade umbrellas is ideal when there is nothing to attach the heater to. A range of sizes and colours, weather protection accessories and standard or multi-coloured LED lighting is available.

Celmec’s Heatray outdoor heating products have been installed in locations around the world.