Celmec International has a range of outdoor commercial heating systems on offer, and each has been designed to suit specific venue requirements.

The company places a high emphasis on energy efficiency and quality, and as such these commercial heating systems are highly durable, making them perfect for harsh outdoor conditions.

Designed specifically for low ceiling applications, electric radiant heating panels can be wall or ceiling mounted, or alternatively used in conjunction with outdoor umbrellas.

These particular commercial heating systems are black and do not glow, have an IP65 waterproof rating and a two stage heat control device so heating intensity may be adjusted as required.

The infrared heaters electric series (IRH-E) emit heat at high intensities, can be mounted to ceilings and walls or integrated with umbrellas

The commercial heating systems have an IP65 waterproof rating, feature a glowing element and are available in a range of kilowatt rated models.

For those venues with extremely high ceilings, gas-fired tube radiant heaters (TRH) are the perfect solution.

These non-glowing black commercial heating systems can be wall mounted or suspended from the ceilings, cover a floor area of 35m2-180m2 depending on the model, and are suitable for outdoor and indoor heating applications.

Uncovered outdoor areas will remain warm during the cooler months thanks to heated shade umbrellas from Celmec, which incorporate either electric radiant or infrared heaters.

The umbrellas are available in a range of sizes and colours, and they come equipped with with weather protection accessories and standard or multi-coloured LED lighting.