The Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) Asia Pacific have introduced an all new logo for their annual CEDIA Expo in July.

The slogan ‘Technology In Design’ is in keeping with the fundamentals of CEDIA, and has been partnered with the new logo to reflect the evolution of the industry from a predominantly audio visual focus to now being that of complete technology integration solutions.

The advent of home automation, power management and efficiency, security, control and communication solutions, whole house entertainment, as well as traditional AV and home cinema are all converging into a holistic lifestyle choice. The green in the logo represents the growing role of efficiency in modern technology.

DESIGN - the ‘D’ in CEDIA - is fundamental in the success of any building, from inception to completion. This goes for every element, including how the occupants will interact with the building and the environment it creates. The role of technology in this formula is ever growing and architects, designers and builders recognise this fact as paramount to the success of their projects. As a result, CEDIA Expo are of growing interest to this sector and the patronage of Expo this year will grow to accommodate these professions in addition to their traditional attendees.

CEDIA Expo are returning to Sydney this year from July 15 to17. The CEDIA Expo will enable Industry supplier companies (the technology distributors) to meet with installers, integrators and building designers to showcase technology convergence and its role in today’s lifestyle.