The 2014 CEDIA Asia Pacific AGM will be held at the Yin Room, Hotel Urban St Leonards, 194 Pacific Highway, St Leonards NSW 2065 on Tuesday, 27 May at 4:30pm.

This will be followed by the first ever CEDIA Summit from 6:00pm to 8:00pm as a round table discussion to help determine the State of the Industry of Today and Tomorrow with participation by past board members, Chairman, influential and active CEDIA members, industry leaders and press. The findings of this discussion will be provided in a broader presentation at Integrate in August.

Keynote Speaker and Facilitator Graeme Philipson of Connection Research will provide a short presentation on the home automation market along with the recent release of Telsyte data, which paints a very positive view going forward for the industry.

CEDIA Summit Keynote: The Connected Home in 2014

The keynote presentation by Graeme Philipson will cover the evolution of home automation and key drivers of home automation in 2014 using the latest research from Connection Research and Telsyte to draw up a picture of the Connected Home in 2014.

Graeme Philipson is founder and Research Director of Connection Research, which has been researching the Connected Home market for ten years. He is also a prolific journalist, and editor of iTWire weekly and the ICT Sustain Review.