Dressed All Round (DAR) is part of the screening and square dressed range of timbers from Cedar Sales designed for internal or external screening and fencing applications.

Cedar Sales’ Dressed All Round dressed timbers were chosen for the interior of the $210 million extension of the Wollongong Central shopping centre.

Made from Western Red Cedar, the DAR range offers a high sustainability rating; is straight and stable; and provides distinctive colour and grain variations. Supplied with prefinished satin coating, Cedar Sales’ range of dressed timbers delivers a warm yet contemporary ambience with different light effects.

Cedar Sales’ focus on achieving the highest possible environmental standards shows their commitment to providing the design and building industry with eco-friendly products.

All Western Red Cedar products from Cedar Sales have received the prestigious GreenTag Cert GreenRate Level A Certification. A number of products have also attained GreenTag Cert Certified Platinum Ratings.