Aesthetics and durability are not the only reasons Western Red Cedar is preferred in external and internal cladding and panelling applications in Australia. One of nature’s truly sustainable timbers for building projects, Western Red Cedar also leaves a very small environmental footprint.

With Western Red Cedar, homeowners and business owners get the assurance that they are using an environment-friendly product in their project. The production of this timber for building purposes generates fewer greenhouse gases, and minimal water and air pollution, and requires less energy than other commonly used building materials such as composite timber.

Using Western Red Cedar for panelling or cladding is an eco-friendly way to add beauty to the home. With Cedar Sales, Australia’s leading supplier of Western Red Cedar, the environmental benefits for the buyer are multiplied.

Cedar Sales sources their Western Red Cedar from carefully-managed, sustainable forests in south-west Canada and north-west United States. Additionally the Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody tagging ensures the timber’s journey from the forest to the customer’s door is monitored and tracked throughout.

Most of Cedar Sales’ Western Red Cedar products have been awarded the GreenTag Certified Platinum Rating, the highest rating given to any building product in Australia. The durability of the timber ensures the panelling or cladding will not need replacement for decades. Even the disposal is hassle-free with Western Red Cedar being an easily biodegradable timber that releases minimal carbon dioxide. Alternatively, the timber can be recycled.

Cedar Sales offers a comprehensive range of sustainable cladding and panelling products made from Western Red Cedar.