In response to escalating concerns over climate change and the environment, designers and specifiers are seeking ways to incorporate sustainability measures into all aspects of building design. Driven by market demand and new building regulations, which have set stricter targets for energy efficiency and emissions in Australia, there is increasing pressure to identify high performing, fit-for-purpose building materials that are sustainable, renewable and long-lasting.

'Red cedar, green choice: Boosting sustainability and energy efficiency in homes with Western Red Cedar cladding' examines the benefits of Western Red Cedar (WRC) and how its use as a cladding material can help commercial and residential buildings achieve elevated environmental outcomes. Specifically, this document takes a look at how WRC performs in terms of thermal efficiency, fire resistance and durability. It also looks at the broader environmental benefits of using WRC cladding. We touch on other practical advantages of WRC, including design versatility and ease-of-installation. Finally, we present a range of high quality, easy-to-use WRC cladding and panelling solutions suitable for a wide range of building applications.

Modinex Group is a leading Australasian supplier of high quality architectural timber products. With a focus on intelligent design, sustainability and code compliance, this company has earned a reputation for delivering environmentally-certified building solutions that enhance commercial and residential projects alike. The Modinex family of brands includes Cedar Sales and their range of stylish, practical and durable WRC panelling, cladding and screening systems.

Download this whitepaper to see how choosing red cedar cladding can enhance the green credentials of your next building project.