Cedar Sales is excited to announce the arrival of its brand new Superfici UV Cure paint line, the most modern and advanced of its kind in Australia. With four times the capacity of the old coating equipment, the new line will enable not only more consistent finishes on our current colour options, but also offers so much scope for new, innovative prefinished products and cutting edge developments.

Testing and calibration has just begun on the new equipment, which was shipped from Italy and installed with the help of SCM group experts, heralding a new era of timber coating in Australia. Staff employed in the coating division of the company will be receiving training on operating the equipment over the next few weeks, introducing them to leading technology to advance their career.

Currently offering a wide range of prefinished products, Cedar Sales has an unrivalled variety of colours in traditional satin and more modern matte finishes. Prefinished product ranges such as Expresswood and Castelation TwoTone have proven to be highly popular, and the introduction of a prefinished slatted timber system division known as Austratus will also be benefitted by the upgrade. We are looking forward to further research and development to further expand this range and ensure our customers are getting the most out of this machinery acquisition.

With a rebrand, new website and new coating plant, 2017 has been amazing so far, but the coating journey has only just begun. Watch for exciting developments as Cedar Sales moves on to experimenting with the amazing new equipment.

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