Two Tone Castellation is a new release and is already adding stunning effects to beautiful commercial and residential projects.
Castellation is a dramatic stepped profile from Cedar Sales and is available in either clear timber finish, or two tone.

Two Tone Castellation has a painted background in either Black or White, and the raised surfaces of the timber are carefully highlighted in clear lacquer.

Two Tone Castellation timber ceiling is a boon for the designer as well as the builder, as the pre-finished timber adds new-age style, and is easy to install. Basic carpentry skills and well maintained equipment is all that is needed to produce the effect that is shown here.

Once installed, no maintenance of the timber is needed, and due to the quality of the paint and clear finishes used, touching up during construction is not normally an issue.

The tongue and groove profile is very easy to manage and all fixings are easily concealed. Western Red Cedar is light, so handling the longer lengths is not normally an issue. Any grimy surface marks from the installation are readily removed.